Flying Saucer Rides / Project Lift-Off


New Offer from World Improvement Through The Spirit Ministries – WITTS.

WITTS has been building Anti-Gravity ships of many kinds since the legendary Anti-Gravity ships of John Keely in the 1880’s and 1890’s. So far, these have been almost exclusively for classified projects.

Large cylinder shaped craft like these were actually developed by Keely long before the flying saucer became popular cultural icons. Many sightings took place early on, before intense suppression and disinformation campaigns were the norm.

Our technologies have been developed, and re-developed, and are the real ships behind most of the ongoing, international,  secret space programs. (Google “Secret Space Programs” for your education)

These machines are very real, and they do exist, and they have been made here, on Earth,  for a long time. 

WITTS engineers developed craft similar to this for secret projects.

We are happy to announce that WITTS is the first organization offering rides on a flying saucer to anyone that donates $5000 or more and shows up at our location, to receive the ride.

The first rides will be only a few feet off the ground, but depending on how successful we are at this fundraiser, we plan future rides to go into space, and then on to the moon and to mars. (Outer space rides will have a higher minimum donation)

This technology can get men to Mars in as little as 2 days.  And is unique among other types of anti-gravity ships, in that this design can be built to lift huge payloads.

This makes possible the building of a entire space station here on earth, that might weigh millions of kilos, and then lift the entire space station at one time to orbital hight,  and then launched into orbit. 

Cites in the sky?

This technology also makes floating cities practical.

City ship travels around the world.

Imagine owning a piece of real estate on a floating city! What a view! 

Water park in the clouds.

These cities will be mobile… can be moved anywhere… So the view is astoundingly Awesome daily! 

We call this ecstatic vision,  “Castles In The Sky”©

Castle in the sky.

In addition, our systems can be built to use zero fuel ! (they pick up power from ambient, as they go! (For those that doubts it is possible to pick up power from ambient, go look at your solar panel. It picks up power from ambient! ) 

Country living among the clouds.

If you love science, you don’t want to miss this exciting chance of a lifetime! 

Is your dream any of the following?

  • A career in high technology
  • To become a real astronaut
  • Visit space
  • Visit/explore the Moon, Mars and/or the rest of the solar system
  • To own real estate on a floating city
  • To vacation on a floating city
  • To own your own flying saucer
  • Space Exploration
  • Extra Terrestrial Contact
  • much, much more!


Don’t miss these exciting opportunities!


This is how you get started! 

This is your chance! 

Initial rides will take place on an open version, demonstrating the basic functionality.

Come! Enjoy the Ride!

If you have additional questions, speak directly with one of our World-Class Engineers/Scientists/Servants of God by taking advantage of a personal consultation gift.

Visit our trusted partner, Enlightened Technology, to get things setup!
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When you’re ready to reserve your place and experience a ride of a life time:

Videos of our work

Here are some examples of the technologies developed by WITTS.

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